Shmuel Givoni   
Sereď Testimonies III
Eli Vago   
Sereď Testimonies II
During selection, Alois Brunner sent him and his mother to one side, and his grandmother to the other. That's the last time they saw each other.   
Sereď Testimonies I
He had to interrupt his high school studies due to the Slovak State’s anti-Jewish laws. Because he didn’t return to school after the war, he refers to himself ironically as having remained “uncultured”. His life, however, testifies to the fact that he was very bright and skilful.   
Ivan Mark
Slovak anti-Jewish laws pushed him aside to the fringes of society. He passed through camps at Sereď, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Budy and Buchenwald, where he was liberated. After the war, he decided to move to Israel…   
Juraj Fürst
Parents didn’t make it through the selection, especially since they also had a babe in arms…   
You can't escape fate
The life story of an eyewitness who speaks of the disappearance of Jewish colour from Bratislava after World War II.   
My Bratislava
Through the life story of his stepfather, Juraj Alner describes the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust and during the early years of the Communist regime.   
1951 - 1962 The lost years
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