The life story of a woman whose two-year-old son was murdered by Nazis…   
Marta Szilárdová
The carefree life of a girl that loved her mother above all else was interrupted by the creation of the fascist Slovak State. The cruel words: “Jewess, we’re gonna drown you, you stink anyway!” were a harbinger of what was to come…   
His favourite subject in school was catechism. In 1944, Guardists escorted him and his brother to the camp in Sereď, from where they were deported to Terezín. He thought that it was all one big mistake.   
I didn't know I was a Jew
While Otto’s classmates were graduating from high school, he and his family were being loaded into cattle wagons headed for the collection camp in Žilina. After the war, his father was named head of the National Court in Bratislava, where his task was to judge war criminals.   
Son of a judge
A simple woman reveals the moving fates of her family members during the difficult wartime years.   
Girl from the hills
In 1942 and 1944, they deported his entire family. He and his brother ended up in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they experienced hell.   
I survived Bergen-Belsen
He passed through the 6th Jewish Labour Battalion, the Nováky labour camp, and finally joined the Slovak National Uprising. During the uprising, he became the commander of a platoon that distinguished itself in several battles. After the war, he worked as a journalist.   
This is the story of a boy from an Orthodox Jewish family, who had over 90 relatives murdered during the Holocaust. Despite his tribulations, he retained his humanity and never gave up his conviction that you must always help people.   
One should always help others
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